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Permanent Cosmetic Client Testimonials

Carol Hall 612-787-5756
Nina Wenisch 612-710-2047
Pat Minette 952-758-7866
Alicia Ray 612-889-0209

Mary is a fully licensed, insured Esthetician and make-up artist. She is board certified with the American Academy of Micro-Pigmentation.  Read the several testimonials of satisfied clients.   She’s done thousands of procedures since starting her cosmetic tattooing business in 2001.

When I first met Mary, my eyebrows were asymmetrical and an odd color of orange-red with a tinge of green. I had given up all expectations of having a defined and natural color looking eyebrows. For the past few years I have been seeing a certified micropigmentation Esthetician who had been referred by a plastic surgeon. The Esthetician made multiple attempts to tattoo my sparse eyebrows. The results were not good. The first time my husband saw the results, he burst out laughing. He wasn’t the only one. My friends were also shocked by my new look. The eyebrows were now the prominent feature on my face. Too thick, too high, and the wrong color. I felt destined to live the rest of my life looking clownish, until a friend of mine suggested I see Mary.

Mary took the time to do a complete assessment and told me exactly what to expect. And then Mary worked her cosmetic magic. Within a few sessions, my tattooed eyebrows were removed. I looked like my old self, only with eyebrows a bit more defined. My husband and friends have all noticed her outstanding artistry. Not only can she perform micropigmentation miracles, she is the most gentle and compassionate practitioner. Since my eyebrow redo, Mary has done my eyeliner, removal of skin irregularities and we see each other for monthly light therapy sessions. My only regret is that I didn’t find her sooner.

Margo L Krusac, RN, MPH -- Eagan, MN

​​Mary is by far the leader in permanent cosmetics and medical aesthetics. Her patience, technique and attention to detail far exceed others. As both a client and a medical professional I trust Mary to provide the utmost care. Mary is the first person that I refer to when someone needs permanent cosmetics and /or medical aesthetics.

Scott Faust, NP

​​This is from a person that had a not so great experience, and then found Mary. Wow! What an amazing person. Mary is extraordinary at what she does. I felt safe and comfortable with her, you can tell she really loves what she does and truly cares about people. Mary’s incredibly skilled hands performed a transformation of beauty on my face and I can’t thank her enough. I trust her so much with all she’s done for me; she’s also really fun to talk to about any new skin procedures and skin care products out there to try. I feel she’s very knowledgeable and most of all I love my brows, eyes, and lips! I love you Mary, God bless you.

​Laura Marks, Lakeville MN

​My mom and I went to see Mary to check out permanent cosmetics. After our free consultation and looking through her portfolios of before and after pictures, we couldn’t wait to get it done! My mom did brows and a lash enhancement and I choose eyeliner .We both love, love, love what she did for us. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t want this done. This really has helped my mom save time trying to get her brows drawn on, she feels more confident and pretty. My eyeliner is amazing, she really listens to what you want and then gave some nice suggestions. It turned out beautiful! Thank you Mary.

​Mary Wiseman, Edina MN.

References and testimonials: 

Dianna Orandorph 952-905-4303
Peggy Miller 320-296-1639
Nancy Mclain 612-280-2217
Scott Faust 952-388-7446

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