Come view her extensive portfolio and tattoo your makeup, out at Walking Bear Ranch. 

By Appointment Only


Price List

  • Eye Brows - Powder Look - $450
  • Simulated Hair Strokes - $500
  • Micro bladed Hair Strokes - $500
  • Lash Line Enhancement (natural) - $450
  • Eyeliner - $500
  • Mucosa Liner - $600
  • Lip Liner - Per Session - $250
  • Full Lips - Per Session - $300
  • Blush - $200
  • Scar Camouflage - Price Upon Consult
  •  Simulated Hair Follicles (Full Scalp) - $1500
  • Areola Restoration
    • Unilateral - $300
    • Bilateral - $500
Mary Sells SkinCeuticals products. Her recommended anti-oxidant is CE FERULIC!
  • Cleft Palate - $550
  • Permanent Make Up Removal - Price Upon Consult
  • Brow & Lash Tint - $20 each
  • Face Waxing - $15 per area
  • Full Face - $45
  • Brow Wax - $15
  • Lip Wax - $15

*The price you see for permanent cosmetics includes your touch up session, except when you see "per session"

*Over the years your permanent cosmetics may fade due to sun exposure.  A color boost is 1/2 the cost of what you originally paid because it will be a one session procedure.

*Complimentary LED light therapy to speed up the healing process after your permanent cosmetic procedure.

*Mary does complimentary areola restoration for cancer survivors

Skin Needling

Turn back the clock with Skin Needling! This is a great anti-aging treatment, sometimes referred to as Dermal rolling, Skin Pen, Collagen Induction Therapy or Dry Needling.This is a skin treatment that is quick and safe, becoming a popular minimally invasive alternative to plastic surgery, botox, and other injection therapies. Dermal or skin Needling can soften and plump facial lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen production. It can reduce Acne scarring and loosen contracted tissue resulting from burns and other scars. It can even reverse hypo-pigmentation by activating melanocytes cells in the skin.

Effects are visible after one treatment.

  1. Improves skins elasticity and texture by promoting collagen formation
  2. Regenerates skin without removing the dermis or damaging the epidermis
  3. Get an effective delivery with my Tattoo needles and topical anesthetic products
  4. 400% increase in absorption of your active ingredients of SkinCeuticals products

Juviderm light therapy will be used after Needling to increase healing time and add to the value of your treatment
Skin  Needling!...............$165 per session

The best results will occur with using a Retinol A product and a vitamin C product 4 weeks before and after. With these two products you will see amazing results!
CE Ferulic and Retinol A Skin Ceuticals products with Skin Needling............$349

Lumiderm Treatment

A Lumiderm treatment is relaxing, gentle, and 100% pain free. The system emits light from LEDS, which penetrate the skin with no known side effects. (That is why the FDA has approved LED light therapy for consumer use.) It’s considered safe enough to use in children’s hospitals. This light makes your skin glow from within and has many benefits besides healing wounds quicker. Lumiderm provides the following benefits: Increase radiance (the lumiderm glow) , triggers collagen production for plumper more youthful looking skin, Increases lymphatic system drainage which detoxifies the skin, stimulates the skins natural cellular activity which slows down as we age, increases circulation which can lift aged and tired skin. Light Therapy also is used to treat wounds, cuts, and burns, jaundice, mouth and skin ulcers, gum disease, TMJ, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and pain. It’s also been used experimentally in slowing brain cancer. Light therapy uses red, infrared and other LED (light emitting diodes) light wavelengths to heal skin. Unlike a laser, which is a focused beam of light that can be intense enough to “burn” tissue, LEDS do not deliver enough power to damage the tissue. However, they do deliver enough energy to stimulate a response from the body to heal itself. Mary does complimentary LED light therapy to speed the healing process after your permanent cosmetic procedure. $30 for 15 Minute Session

Lam Probe Removals of Minor Skin Irregularities

As the greater mass of the American population ages, many minor skin abnormalities appear in the aging skin that may affect the baby boomers both physically and psychologically. In addition, the declining ozone layer has led to a dramatic increase in sun damaged skin that may act as precursors to skin cancer. Treatment for these skin conditions is being sought in today’s society because this population wants to look younger and more attractive as long as possible. While skin resurfacing modalities, such as laser and microdermabrasion are available today to smoothen and rejuvenate the skin, most of them do not remove these skin irregularities. In addition to the skin changes that occur with aging, various skin abnormalities or lesions proliferate in certain ethnic populations. Minor skin conditions such as age spots, telangiectasia or skin tags are more commonly found in certain individuals. For example, fibromas appear more frequently in the black population and telangiectasia (broken capillaries) are more visible on the cheek and nose of the Caucasian skin. With age, multiple skin tags proliferate mainly on the neck, breasts, in the armpit area, and around the eyes. Oily skins suffer from blocked pores with sebaceous secretions sometimes hardening on the skin's surface; no amount of manual extraction can release the suppressed sebum. Milias (whiteheads) are found on any skin type but occur more frequently in oily skins due to poor exfoliation.  Among dark-skinned individuals (Fitzpatrick Skin Types 111-V1) hyperpigmentation is a major source of concern especially as they age. All these minor skin irregularities are primarily benign tumors which can be treated by a trained and skilled skin care professional (Esthetician). Mary has a skinlite that helps her accurately assess and identify a multitude of common minor skin irregularities. This lite allows her a unique sub-surface identification prior to treatment. Her Lam Probe then enables her to treat a wide variety of minor skin surface irregularities. The Lam Probe offers a rapid and precise, non-invasive treatment, delivering instantaneous results. The conditions she treats are clogged pores, cholesterol deposits, milia, cherry angiomas, spider naevi, telangiectasia, raised fibromas, and skin tags. $125 for 1 Hour Session

By Appointment Only

Mary Only Accepts Checks or Cash

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